Sunday, 23 December 2012

Top 10 must to have apple ios apps

I've made a list of top 10 apple ios apps as there are millions of apps on apple app store, Its hard to know what is good and what is necessary.
So here's a list for all those who have apple device, You can download these apps from apple official app store and most of them are free, So check them out

1. Facebook

The world's biggest social network brings a tightly honed experience to the iPhone and iPod touch, but nonetheless still enables you to access your contacts,feeds and other important information. This sense of focus makesit in many ways superior to using Facebook in a desktop browser.

2. Dropbox

Plenty of apps exist for transferring content between your computer and your device, but Dropbox is free and easier to use than most of its contemporaries. Dump files you wantto sync in a folder onyour computer and Dropbox for your device will enable you to access them, download them for offline viewing, and,in many cases, view them.

3. Google Earth

"Hold the world in the palm of your hand," says Google about Google Earth , which enables you to fly across the planet by swiping your finger. More integration with content and featuresfrom Maps would be good, but Google Earth's Wikipedia articles and a Panoramio layer at least ensure it's a great app for seeing the world from your living room.

4. Skype

FaceTime is a great alternative to standard voice calls, but it's no good if you're trying to contact someone without a Mac or compatible iOS device. Therefore, Skype remains an essential download. The interface is simple and usable, enabling anyone with a Skype accountto make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to anywhere in the world. If you're on Pay and Go, this is particularly handy, but the app also enables iPod touch users to utilise their devices for calls.

5. Gmail

"But Gmail works in Apple Mail," you might say. And this is true, but it works really badly, only making accessible recent messages. By contrast, the Gmail app provides a fullerexperience, enablingyou to search, thread, star and labelitems to your heart's content.

6. Chrome

Safari's a perfectly decent web browseron the iPhone, but Chrome has a couple of particular advantages. First, the card-like tabbingsystem (technically unlimited, but Chrome does tend toget a bit crashy if you open /too/ many) is really very nice indeed; secondly, you can send tabs to your iPhone from the desktop version of Chrome

7. Dragon Dictation

Fed up of typing on the tiny iPhone keyboard? Use Dragon Dictation instead, which happily converts your speech into text(with slightly spookylevels of accuracy fora freebie app). You can even punctuate ("Comma! Full-stop!"), and when you're done the app enables you to fire your thoughtsat Facebook, Twitter,Mail or the iOS clipboard.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you're looking for Photoshop-style power, Photoshop Express won't impress. However, if you're after a quick, free, highly usable tool for making editsto your iPhone photos, Adobe's app is ideal. Use it for cropping, straightening, exposure adjustments, colour effects, sharpening and more.

9. Shazam

Shazam is an app that feels like magic when you first use it.It's deceptively simple—hold your iPhone near to a music source, and wait while the app listens and tells you what track is playing. But the sheer technology behind this simplicity is mind-boggling, and while Shazam doesn't always guessright, it's worth a download.

10. IM+

If you're an instant messaging fiend, IM+ gives you access to GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger,AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and Jabber. With multitasking and push notifications in iOS 4, IM+ has been transformed from a curiosity into a must-have freebie app.


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